Monday, December 17, 2018

William F. Coffield

Our attorneys have extensive public and private international law experience, ranging from international development and trade to international arbitration and dispute resolution to extradition.

We handle a variety of international transactions and have advised companies and individuals based in Canada, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Malta, the Philippines, Burma, Taiwan, Burundi, the Commonwealth Caribbean, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bolivia, Panama, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Capo Verde, Liberia, France, Sierra Leone, and elsewhere.

Our attorneys also have in-depth experience representing foreign sovereigns, including matters involving the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and related common law immunity doctrines. We advise governments in the negotiation of offshore and investment treaty networks, and as well various parties regarding international tax issues, international trade, proceedings before the United States Trade Representative, international white collar and political offenses, investigations by The World Bank and other multilateral finance institutions and international agencies, and U.S. export controls in connection with international arbitrations. In addition, the firm advises a number of foreign government representatives and embassies in the United States.

Many of our attorneys have worked outside of the United States in a legal capacity. One of our attorneys, Clemens Kochinke, is also admitted in Germany. Another of our attorneys, Bruce Zagaris, advises Lusophone (Portugese-speaking) clients on a variety of issues and has, since 1981, been an agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Some representative matters include:

  • Long-term representation of an Asian foreign sovereign on a variety of public and private international law matters, including litigation under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.
  • Long-term representation of a Commonwealth Caribbean sovereign on financial services and tax and investment-related issues.
  • Long-term representation of Middle East foreign sovereign on litigation under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.
  • Made voluntary disclosure to World Bank for foreign company doing an internal investigation for a U.S. oil company with operations in Mexico.
  • Represented Asian company in acquisition of satellite company and related federal litigation.
  • Advised Lusophone African government on the establishment of a ship registry.
  • Advised regarding management of U.S. export controls in connection with numerous  international arbitrations, as well as in connection with litigation in a foreign sovereign court and litigation in U.S. courts involving foreign parties.
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